Aretê Consulting Ltd provides advisory services to the oil, gas, and energy related industries

We deliver a broad range of effective advisory services to the New Zealand Oil and Gas Industry, large energy intensive industries, and overseas oil and gas explorers looking to invest in New Zealand’s exploration and production environment.

  • Independent advice on the New Zealand oil and gas environment (legal, commercial, regulatory, political) within client’s strategic, commercial, and operational context.
  • Knowledge and expertise in upstream oil and gas investment linked to downstream markets in New Zealand.
  • Facilitating country entry, commercial negotiation and agreements, and operational support.

We provide customised solutions to meet the unique challenges of our clients that enable them to speed delivery of important operational, commercial, technical, or strategic projects

Our Values

ARETÊ (ar-ret-ay) is a quest for individual excellence within a collective context.

The term “Aretê” was a fundamental concept inherent in the Ancient Greek view of the world, and springs from concern for the soul. Aretê means ‘being the best one can be’. A person possessed of a strong Aretê exhibits excellence in all spheres of life- intellectual, cultural, ethical, physical and professional.

It is a statement of our overall performance ideals, which in business, we apply to deliver the best outcomes we can for our clients.

Our Team


Our core delivery team is supported and complemented by an extensive network of independent professional specialists ranging from legal, commercial, business support, and technical disciplines. These associations enable us to bring the right skills and experience to bear on developing tailored solutions for our clients in an effective and efficient manner.

Len Houwers

Aretê Consulting Ltd
Director – Len Houwers BE(hons), BBS

Len has more than 27 years experience working in downstream industries and large scale chemical manufacturing facilities at technical, operational, commercial, and strategic levels. Len joined Aretê Consulting Ltd in 2007 and has worked extensively in the gas sector delivering market analysis, advice, and advocacy support to a range of both upstream and downstream gas users. In addition, his broad background in operations and senior management roles enables him to provide analysis and practical advice on a range of operational and strategic issues affecting organisations.

Ph: +64-6-769-9945
M: +64-27-444-5861
E: len.houwers@aretelimited.com
S: len.houwers

John Sykes

Aretê Consulting Ltd
Office Manager – John Sykes

John is a highly experienced management and treasury accountant responsible for running the day to day financial activities of the business.

Ph: +64-6-769-9945
E: john.sykes@aretelimited.com

Aretê Consulting Ltd